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The following organisations, businesses and institutions have kindly supported this project, by way of grants, bursaries, in-kind donations or permission to film.


Their assistance and support are greatly appreciated.

The R. Tucker Thompson is operated by a not-for-profit charitable trust. All income derived from our tourism sailing activities are used for her maintenance, as well as providing a contribution to help Northland youth access the sail training voyages.


The University of Cambridge in England, has assisted the author by permitting him to film re-enactments within the grounds of Queens College.

The Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi assisted the author's on-site research by way of providing financial support through their Discretionary Funding; which off-set his accommodation costs during his research trip to England in early-2015.

The Historic Royal Palaces - Tower of London has assisted the author by permitting him to film re-enactments within the Royal Armoury in the Tower of London.

A Declaration  I  A Treaty  I  A Petition

The National Library has assisted the author, by permitting him to film his visit to the He Tohu Exhibition and for their use of the biography on Moka Te Kaingamata (from the author's research articles). 

The University of Sydney has assisted the author by permitting the filming of re-enactments and the viewing of a bust of Hongi Hika in the Macleay Museum.

The James Craig

The Sydney heritage Fleet assisted the author by permitting him to film re-enactments of Hongi Hika's travels to England in 1820; on board their vessel, the James Craig.

New Zealand Ngapuhi Cultural Waka (Canoe) Tours.

Our interactive Waka experience provides a rare and unique insight into our ancient customs, rituals and traditions. Our ancient histories and stories we share with you as we paddle our 40 ft Waka Taua (War Canoe) together on the tidal estuaries of the Waitangi River.

Waka Taiamai has assisted the author by providing him with the opportunity to crew and steer a Maori waka, which has helped to inform his understanding of, and the benefits and challenges associated with traditional transport.

River Rats Rafting & Kayaking

River Rats assisted the author by providing him and his cousin with two kayaks, which they used to conduct on-site research based on Hongi Hika's Ngapuhi raid against Te Arawa at Mokoia Island, Rotorua in 1823.

The Waitangi Treaty Grounds have supported the author by permitting him to film his research visit to the grounds and museum.

The Te Rangimarie Charitable Trust has supported the author by permitting him to film himself viewing the artwork 'Moka's Utu' who are the kaitiaki of that work.

Mokoia Island - Wai Ora Experience

Wai Ora assisted the author by allowing him access to Mokoia Island and the provision of a local Te Arawa guide, to help locate sites of significance, from the battle against Ngapuhi in 1823.

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