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A decade and a half of mahi - we are nearly there...

They say that things happen in their own time, and at the right time.

After 15 years of research, writing and filming, we are nearly there. Our historical novel is nearing completion and it is envisaged that our novel will be published in time for the implementation of New Zealand history (which is being made mandatory) within all New Zealand schools from 2022 onward. We are hoping to film a number of re-enactment scenes, as well as interviews with academics, kaumatua (elders) and uri (descendants) of the characters from within the novel; which will be used in conjunction with the novel.

Moka, Muskets & Mayhem! will change the way many Kiwis view New Zealand history, providing an accurate and in-depth study of a number of significant events which has molded the Aotearoa New Zealand that we know today. A text that serves both as an entertaining story and also as an academic historical reference, it has been researched thoroughly and its findings validated by a number of New Zealand's foremost scholars and historians (both Pakeha and Maori).

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