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Kororipo Pa & Te Kirikokai - home of 'The flesh-eaters'

Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, NZ

I was fortunate to have been able to conduct some on-site research during my recent return to New Zealand, (I attended an unveiling of a pou, dedicated to Te Auparo, Moka's mother; at the Kaingahoa Marae, Rawhiti). Te Kirikokai kainga was home to chiefs such as Tareha, Hongi Hika, Rewa, Moka and Te Wharerahi, during the 1820s & 1830s. Kororipo Pa was the fortified defensive position which protected this kainga, and from where the mighty Ngapuhi waka taua were launched during the sangineous Muskets Wars.

Photos courtesy of Brent Kerehona (Jan 2018).

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