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Moka immortalised through art...

Reknowned Kiwi artists Penny Howard and Doug Poole have created a combined artwork, consisting of a series of painted, shaped, wooden panels and an accompanying poem titled 'Moka's Utu' and 'Moka's Utu II'. Clink on link to view the poem

Poet Doug Poole, performs his poem 'Moka's Utu' during the opening of he and Penny Howard's exhibition.

'Whakapupuni Wahi - Hiding Place', another artwork that Penny Howard created based on Moka, and focusing on an incident during the Battle of Te Ika-A-Ranganui in 1825. In this conflict between Ngapuhi and Ngati Whatua, Moka was shot with a musket, but rescued by fellow Ngapuhi rangatira, Rawiri Taiwhanga; who carried him to the edge of the waterway and hid him in among the reeds until the fighting had ended. It is believed that the renowned rangatira, Hongi Hika, carried out surgery on Moka, removing the musket ball and saving his life; unfortunately, however, Hongi was not able to save the life of is own son, Hare.

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